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Soils are Alive

This site provides background information relevant to soil health and the sustainable use of land for agriculture, horticulture and other practices, including forestry. The information emphasises the biological processes in soil.

This work is based in the Soil Biology Research Group in the School of Earth and Geographical Sciences, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at The University of Western Australia.


Professor Lyn Abbott

Lyn is Head of the School of Earth and Geographical Sciences at The University of Western Australia. Her interest is in sustainable agricultural systems and in increasing our understanding of the role of soil organisms in soil fertility, including natural ecosystems.

Jen Slater

Jen has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from UWA and is a qualified secondary school Science and Mathematics teacher.


This website was established with the support, encouragement and assistance of many people:

  • Most of the content was written by Merome Purchas and updated for this publication by Jen Slater and Lyn Abbott.
  • For financial support we thank the Ian Potter Foundation.
  • For technical support we thank Adam Portmann.
  • For the soilhealth.com logo we thank George Kailis.
  • Nui Milton, Jo McFarlane, Simone Mercer, Jennifer Davis, Ruth Morgan and Lyn Abbott worked on the old web site.
Australian soil Club 

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